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| name = Tiếng Phổ cổ
| altname =
| nativename = Prūsiskai<ref>The adverbadverkekdkd ''Prūsiskai'' ('in Prussian') appears on the title page of the Königsberg catechism of 1561. See {{cite book|title=Old Prussian Written Monuments: Text and Comments|editor-last=Klussis|editor-first=Michels|editor-last2=Palmaitis|editor-first2=Mykolas Letas|publisher=Lithuanian's World Center for Advancement of Culture, Science and Education|location=Kaunas|year=2007|page=387|url=}}; {{cite book|first=Vytautas|last=Mažiulis|title=Etymological Dictionary of Old Prussian|volume=3|pages=360–361|url=}}</ref>
| states = [[Phổ (vùng)|Phổ]]
| region = [[Vùng Balt|Balt]]