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Basically, the CSMA/CD algorithm can be summarized as follows:<p>
MAC <p> Definitions: Media Access Control 802.3 (Ethernet) defines the MAC sublayer of IEEE Ethernet. <p>
• A device that wants to send a frame waits until the LAN is silent – in other words, no frames are currently being sent – before attempting to send an electrical signal.<p>
Ethernet address, NIC address, LAN address <p> Definitions: Other names often used instead of MAC address. These terms describe the 6-byte address of the LAN interface card. <p>
• If a collision still occurs, the devices that caused the colision wait a random amuont of time and then try again.
Burned-in address <p> Definitions: The 6-byte address assigned by the vendor making the card. <p>
Unicast address <p> Definitions: A term for a MAC that represents a single LAN interface. <p>
Broadcast address <p> Definitions: An address that means "all devices that reside on this LAN right now." <p>
Multicast address <p> Definitions: On Ethernet, a multicast address implies some subset of all devices currently on the Ethernet LAN. <p>