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Basically, the CSMA/CD algorithm can be summarized as follows:<p>
• A device that wants to send a frame waits until the LAN is silent – in other words, no frames are currently being sent – before attempting to send an electrical signal.<p>
• If a collision still occurs, the devices that caused the colision wait a random amuont of time and then try again.<p>
CSMA/CD logic help prevent collisions and also defines how to act when a coolision does occur. The CSMA/CD algorithm works like this:<p>
Step 1: A device with a frames to send listens until the Ethernet is not busy.<p>
Step 2: When the Ethernet is not busy, the sender(s) begin(s) sending the frame.<p>
Step 3: The sender(s) listen(s) to make sure that no collision occurred.<p>
Step 4: If a collision occurrs, the devices that had been sending a frame each send a jamming signal to ensure that all stations recognize the collision.<p>
Step 5: After the jamming in complete, each sender randomizes a timer and waits that long before trying to resend the collided frame.<p>
Step 6: When each random timer expires, the process starts over with Step 1.