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== Wikidata weekly summary #441 ==
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<div style="margin-top:10px; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">''Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.''</div>
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* '''Discussions'''
** New request for comments: [[d:Wikidata:Requests for comment/Cleaning up the ontology of anonymous|Cleaning up the ontology of anonymous]]
** Other
***[[d:Property_talk:P969#%22und%22_or_%22und-latn%22|"und" or "und-latn" language code for addresses]]
***[[d:Wikidata:Project_chat#Value_label_constraint|Value label constraint]]
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Events|Events]]'''
** Upcoming: [ live SPARQL queries] about visualisation on maps 🗺️ on Twitch and in French by Vigneron, November 10 at 18:00 CET
** Upcoming: [[d:Wikidata:Events/Swedish_online_editathon#Meetup_#38|Online Wikidata meetup in Swedish #38]], November 15
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Press coverage|Press, articles, blog posts, videos]]'''
** [[:File:Wikdata Eighth Birthday Meetup - Database validation of Wikidata.pdf|Wikidata Eighth Birthday Meetup - Database validation of Wikidata]] by Houcemeddine Turki
** Turning Scholia into a platform for living scientometric studies ([[:File:WikiCite 2020 - Scientométrie Ouverte.pdf|French]], [[:File:WikiCite 2020 - Living Scientometric Study.pdf|English]]) by Houcemeddine Turki
** Wikidata Workshop for the scientific Wikidata community @ ISWC 2020 with [ papers] about interesting aspects of Wikidata.
** Video: [ Visualizing the research ecosystem of neuroscience research via Wikidata]. by Daniel Mietchen at Neuromatch Conference
** Video: LIVE Wikidata editing #23 - [ YouTube], [ Facebook]
** Upcoming video: LIVE Wikidata editing #24 - [ YouTube], [ Facebook], November 14, 19.00 UTC
* '''Tool of the week'''
** [[:w:Template:Cite Q|Template:Cite Q]] on Wikipedia makes it easier to use Wikidata items as Wikipedia references.
* '''Other Noteworthy Stuff'''
** The [[m:Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/November 2020|next Wikibase live session]] is 16:00 UTC on Thursday 12 November 2020 [ (Add to calendar)]. Come and share-out anything new or exciting that’s been happening with your Wikibase instance; what have you been doing recently, what is working well, what has been challenging for you - we would like to hear them all!
** Remember to claim your Cloud VPS project and mark it as <code><nowiki>{{Used}}</nowiki></code>. [ Unclaimed projects risk being suspended or shutdown on 2020-12-01].
** [ Wrap up of the feedback about bug reports and feature requests]
* '''Did you know?'''
** Newest [[d:Special:ListProperties|properties]]:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Property:P8763|birth rate]], [[:d:Property:P8764|port calls]], [[:d:Property:P8766|rank insignia]], [[:d:Property:P8768|online catalog]], [[:d:Property:P8770|format as language specific regular expression]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Property:P8761| college football school ID]], [[:d:Property:P8762|NCAA Statistics team season ID]], [[:d:Property:P8765|Royal Horticultural Society plant ID]], [[:d:Property:P8767|EGAFD ID]], [[:d:Property:P8769|Ontology of units of Measure 2.0 unit ID]], [[:d:Property:P8771|Vélib' Métropole station ID]], [[:d:Property:P8772|Blogger user profile ID]], [[:d:Property:P8773|Malmö Museer ID]], [[:d:Property:P8774|MTMT journal ID]], [[:d:Property:P8775|Soccerway stadium ID]]
** New [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Property proposal|property proposals]] to review:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/favicon|favicon]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Dedicated heritage institution|Dedicated heritage institution]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/MetaSat ID|MetaSat ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/epithet|epithet]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Poverty incidence (Philippines)|Poverty incidence (Philippines)]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/covid info|covid info]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/filestore|filestore]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/AniDB tag ID|AniDB tag ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ClassInd audiovisual work ID|ClassInd audiovisual work ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ClassInd game ID|ClassInd game ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Qobuz label ID|Qobuz label ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/IMMuB album ID|IMMuB album ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/FIS grass skier ID|FIS grass skier ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/AlKindi ID|AlKindi ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/French Paralympic and Sports Committee athlete ID|French Paralympic and Sports Committee athlete ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Mathematical Sciences Research Institute personal profile ID|Mathematical Sciences Research Institute personal profile ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Mathematical Sciences Research Institute institution profile ID|Mathematical Sciences Research Institute institution profile ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/EIK|EIK]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/edition humboldt digital ID|edition humboldt digital ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/European Film Awards ID|European Film Awards ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Memorial Book for the victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna 1938|Memorial Book for the victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna 1938]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/IMMuB artist ID|IMMuB artist ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/AIWARDS ID|AIWARDS ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/LIMIS person ID|LIMIS person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/IAFD distributor ID|IAFD distributor ID]]
** Query examples:
*** [ Terminus locations of A Roads in Britain] ([ Source])
*** [ POTUS/UK PM age at inauguration/appointment and England mean age] ([ Source])
*** [ Map of (public-sector) winners of H2020 projects in the Netherlands sortable by year] ([ Source])
*** [ People who have held the positions of both Vice President and President of the United States] ([ Source])
*** [ Crew of missions to the ISS and human spaceflights that have docked with the ISS] ([ Source])
*** [ Graph of reasons UK MPs have left Parliament, grouped by decade since the 1890s] ([ Source])
*** [ Number of successful UK election petitions by parliamentary term, 1859 onwards (includes by-elections as well as general elections)] ([ Source])
*** [ List of longest Cars] ([ Source])
* '''Development'''
** Continuing work with the WMF search team to automatically categorize WDQS queries to see how they can better be served
** Query Builder work is continuing. Next step is making it possible to create a query with an arbitrary Property instead of the currently hard-coded post code.
** Feedback round for the REST API is finishing this week and then we will review all the feedback and make changes to the spec accordingly.
** Preparing to release 1.35 version of Wikibase docker image ([[phab:T264538]])
** Fixed Math extension to not require JS parser which caused issues creating new Statements for mathematical formulae ([[phab:T266673]])
** Made sure there is a meaningful edit summary when deleting a Lexeme ([[phab:T263435]])
[[phab:maniphest/query/4RotIcw5oINo/#R|You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here]]. If you want to help, you can also have a look at [ the tasks needing a volunteer].
* '''Monthly Tasks'''
** Add labels, in your own language(s), for the new properties listed above.
** Comment on property proposals: [[d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview|all open proposals]]
** Contribute to a [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Showcase items|Showcase item]].
** Help [[d:Special:LanguageStats|translate]] or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language!
** [[d:User:Pasleim/projectmerge|Help merge identical items]] across Wikimedia projects.
** Help [[d:Wikidata:Status updates/Next|write the next summary!]]
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