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<p class="byline">29 October · :(</p>
<h2>Goodbye, Mod Shauny!</h2>
<p>Since 2016, Shauny has helped take the RuneScape Wiki to new heights. He's chiefly responsible for a number of awesome things on the wiki, including the [[Calculator:Perks|perks calculator]], [[the Wikian]] title, [[RuneScape:In-game integration|/wiki search]], drop rates, and countless other little things that go unnoticed.</p>
<p>Perhaps most importantly for us, he fostered a wonderful relationship between Jagex and the wiki — our big move away from [[Fandom|FANDOM]] would not have been possible without Shauny doing Shauny things.</p>
<p>Now he leaves Jagex for the next big adventure. From everyone at the wiki, we love you, Shauny! Hopefully our paths cross again some time.</p>
<h4>[[Mod Shauny|See his contributions to RuneScape...]]</h4></div>
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{{RuneScape Wiki/Recent updates/Line
|image = Grand Party.png
|date = 4 January
|type = Game update
|title = 20th Anniversary celebrations
|link = 20th Anniversary celebrations
|description = Come celebrate the 20th Anniversary of RuneScape at the Grand Party in Lumbridge Crater! Rewards, miniquests, and more await.
{{RuneScape Wiki/Recent updates/Line
|image = Violet is Blue Too.png
|date = 14 December
|type = Game update
|title = Violet is Blue Too
|description = This week we return to Violet in Yeti Town for another adventure.
{{RuneScape Wiki/Recent updates/Line
|image = Raksha arena.png
|date = 7 December
|type = Game update
|title = Raksha, the Shadow Colossus
|link = Raksha, the Shadow Colossus
|description = Discover RuneScape's newest boss, the ancient terror lurking deep in the ruins of Orthen!