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In 1916, Ohio State became the first university in Ohio to be extended membership into the [[Association of American Universities]], and remains the only public university in Ohio among the organization's 60 members. ''[[Public Ivy|The Public Ivies]]: America's Flagship Public Universities'' (2000) by Howard and Matthew Greene listed Ohio State as one of a select number of public universities offering the highest educational quality.
[[Tập tin:OhioUnionFront.JPG|thumb|The Ohio Union]]
In its 2019 edition, ''[[U.S. News & World Report]]'' ranked Ohio State as tied for the 17th-best public university in the United States, and tied for 56th among all national universities.<ref name=USNWR>{{cite magazine |title=U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings - Ohio State University--Columbus |url= |magazine=U.S. News & World Report |accessdate =ngày 15 tháng 8 năm 2019}}</ref>
The ''[[Academic Ranking of World Universities]]'' placed Ohio State 42nd nationally and 79th globally for 2016. In its 2015-16 rankings, ''[[Times Higher Education World University Rankings]]'' ranked it tied for 90th in the world. In 2016, ''[[QS World University Rankings]]'' ranked the university 88th in the world.
The ''[[Washington Monthly]]'' college rankings, which seek to evaluate colleges' contributions to American society based on factors of social mobility, research, and service to the country by their graduates, in 2018 placed Ohio State 105th among national universities.
Ohio State is also the only public university in Ohio to be [[Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education|classified]] among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity" and have its undergraduate admissions classified as "more selective".<ref>{{chú thích web|url=|title=Carnegie Foundation Classification Database|website=[[Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching]]|accessdate=ngày 15 tháng 9 năm 2014}}</ref>
''[[Bloomberg Businessweek]]'' ranked the undergraduate business program at Ohio State's [[Max M. Fisher College of Business|Fisher College of Business]] as the 14th best in the nation in its 2016 rankings.<ref>{{chú thích web|url=|title=These Are the Best Undergraduate Business Schools of 2016|last=Levy|first=Francesca|last2=from|first2=Jonathan Rodkin|website=[[Bloomberg Businessweek]]|accessdate =ngày 25 tháng 4 năm 2016}}</ref> ''U.S. News & World Report'' ranks the MBA program tied for 30th in America.<ref name=USNWR/> Fisher's Executive MBA program was ranked 3rd nationally for return on investment by [[The Wall Street Journal]] in 2008 citing a 170 percent return on an average of $66,900 invested in tuition and expenses during the 18-month program.<ref name="wsj">{{chú thích báo|url= |title=Ranking the Returns On Executive M.B.A.s |newspaper=The Wall Street Journal |accessdate=ngày 10 tháng 12 năm 2008 |author=Alina Dizik | date=ngày 10 tháng 12 năm 2008}}</ref>
The Ohio State [[linguistics]] department was recently ranked among the top 10 programs nationally, and top 20 internationally by ''[[QS World University Rankings]]''.<ref>{{chú thích web| url=|title=QS World University Rankings 2017 |website=[[QS World University Rankings]]|accessdate=ngày 11 tháng 3 năm 2018}}</ref>
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! colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" | OSU schools/colleges
| [[The Ohio State University College of Dentistry|College of Dentistry]]
| College of Education and Human Ecology
| [[Ohio State University College of Engineering|College of Engineering]]
| College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
| [[The Ohio State University College of Medicine|College of Medicine]]
| College of Nursing
| College of Optometry
| College of Pharmacy
| College of Public Health
| College of Social Work
| College of Veterinary Medicine
| College of Arts and Sciences
| Graduate School
| [[John Glenn College of Public Affairs]]
| [[Max M. Fisher College of Business]]
| [[Moritz College of Law]]
The Ohio State University is among the top 12 U.S. public research universities and 3rd among all universities in industry-sponsored research ([[National Science Foundation]]).
<ref name="Ohio State Quick facts">{{chú thích web|title=Ohio State Quick facts|url=|publisher=Ohio State University|accessdate= ngày 18 tháng 2 năm 2019}}</ref> It is also named as one of the most innovative universities in the nation ([[U.S. News & World Report]]) and in the world ([[Reuters]])).<ref name="Ohio State Quick facts"/> In a 2007 report released by the National Science Foundation, Ohio State's research expenditures for 2006 were [[United States dollar|$]]652 million, placing it 7th among public universities and 11th overall, also ranking 3rd among all American universities for private industry sponsored research. Research expenditures at Ohio State were $720&nbsp;million in 2007. In 2006, Ohio State announced it would designate at least $110&nbsp;million of its research efforts to what it termed "fundamental concerns" such as research towards a cure for cancer, renewable energy sources and sustainable drinking water supplies.<ref>{{chú thích web|url= |title=OSU ranked No. 11 for research spending |date=ngày 8 tháng 10 năm 2007 |publisher=Business First of Columbus|archiveurl= |archivedate=ngày 15 tháng 10 năm 2007}}</ref>
Research facilities include [[Aeronautical/Astronautical Research Laboratory]], [[Byrd Polar Research Center]], [[The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research|Center for Automotive Research]] (OSU CAR), [[Chadwick Arboretum]], Biomedical Research Tower, Biological Sciences Building, [[|CDME]], Comprehensive Cancer Center, David Heart and Lung Research Institute, Electroscience Laboratory, [[Large Binocular Telescope]] ('''LBT''', originally named the Columbus Project), [[Mershon Center for International Security Studies]], Museum of Biological Diversity, National Center for the Middle Market, [[Stone Laboratory|Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island, OH]], [[Center for Urban and Regional Analysis]] and [[Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center]].
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