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== Liên kết ngoài ==
{{thể loại Commons|Quantum mechanics}}
* {{TĐBKVN|32317}}
* S. Hawking, ''Vũ trụ trong một vỏ hạt'', Bantam, 2001. [ Bản dịch tiếng Việt của Dạ Trạch]
* S. Hawking, ''Lược sử thời gian'', Bantam, 1986. [ Bản dịch tiếng Việt của Cao Chi và Phạm Văn Thiều] {{Webarchive|url= |date=2005-04-11 }}
* [ Máy tính lượng tử]
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* {{Britannica|486231|Quantum mechanics}}
* [ Quantum Mechanics (''Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy'')]
* [ Quantum mechanics]
* [ A history of quantum mechanics]
* [ David Mermin on the future directions of physics] {{Webarchive|url= |date=2006-12-12 }}
* [ New developments in the understanding of the quantum-classical relation]
* [ A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics] {{Webarchive|url= |date=2006-12-13 }}
* Mackey, George Whitelaw (2004). ''The mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics''. Dover Publications. ISBN 0-486-43517-2.
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==Đọc thêm==
The following titles, all by working physicists, attempt to communicate quantum theory to lay people, using a minimum of technical apparatus.
* [[Marvin Chester|Chester, Marvin]] (1987) ''Primer of Quantum Mechanics''. John Wiley. {{isbn|0-486-42878-8}}
* {{cite book | first1= Brian | last1= Cox |author-link1=Brian Cox (physicist)| first2= Jeff | last2= Forshaw |author-link2=Jeff Forshaw| title= The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen | publisher = Allen Lane | year = 2011 | isbn= 978-1-84614-432-5 | title-link= The Quantum Universe }}
* [[Richard Feynman]], 1985. ''[[QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter]]'', Princeton University Press. {{isbn|0-691-08388-6}}. Four elementary lectures on [[quantum electrodynamics]] and [[quantum field theory]], yet containing many insights for the expert.
* [[Giancarlo Ghirardi|Ghirardi, GianCarlo]], 2004. ''Sneaking a Look at God's Cards'', Gerald Malsbary, trans. Princeton Univ. Press. The most technical of the works cited here. Passages using [[algebra]], [[trigonometry]], and [[bra–ket notation]] can be passed over on a first reading.
* [[N. David Mermin]], 1990, "Spooky actions at a distance: mysteries of the QT" in his ''Boojums all the way through''. Cambridge University Press: 110–76.
* [[Victor Stenger]], 2000. ''Timeless Reality: Symmetry, Simplicity, and Multiple Universes''. Buffalo NY: Prometheus Books. Chpts. 5–8. Includes [[cosmological]] and [[philosophical]] considerations.
More technical:
* {{cite book | author=Bernstein, Jeremy|author-link=Jeremy Bernstein|title=Quantum Leaps| publisher=Belknap Press of Harvard University Press | location=Cambridge, Massachusetts|year=2009|isbn=978-0-674-03541-6|url=}}
* {{cite book | author=Bohm, David | title=Quantum Theory | url= | url-access=registration | publisher=Dover Publications| year=1989 | isbn=978-0-486-65969-5| author-link=David Bohm }}
* {{cite book |author1=Eisberg, Robert |author2-link=Robert Resnick |author2=Resnick, Robert |title=Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles|edition = 2nd|publisher=Wiley |year=1985 |isbn=978-0-471-87373-0 |url= }}
* [[Bryce DeWitt]], R. Neill Graham, eds., 1973. ''The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics'', Princeton Series in Physics, Princeton University Press. {{isbn|0-691-08131-X}}
* {{cite journal | last1 = Everett | first1 = Hugh | author-link = Hugh Everett | year = 1957 | title = Relative State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics | url = | journal = Reviews of Modern Physics | volume = 29 | issue = 3 | pages = 454–462 | doi = 10.1103/RevModPhys.29.454 | bibcode = 1957RvMP...29..454E | s2cid = 17178479 }}
* {{cite book |last1=Feynman |first1=Richard P. |author-link1=Richard Feynman |last2=Leighton |first2=Robert B. |author-link2=Robert B. Leighton |last3=Sands |first3=Matthew |year=1965 |title=The Feynman Lectures on Physics |volume=1–3 |publisher=Addison-Wesley |isbn=978-0-7382-0008-8|title-link=The Feynman Lectures on Physics }}
* [[Daniel Greenberger|D. Greenberger]], [[Klaus Hentschel|K. Hentschel]], F. Weinert, eds., 2009. ''Compendium of quantum physics, Concepts, experiments, history and philosophy'', Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg.
* {{cite book | author=Griffiths, David J.|author-link=David J. Griffiths| title=[[Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (book)|Introduction to Quantum Mechanics]]|edition=2nd | publisher=Prentice Hall |year=2004 |isbn=978-0-13-111892-8 | oclc=40251748}} A standard undergraduate text.
* [[Max Jammer]], 1966. ''The Conceptual Development of Quantum Mechanics''. McGraw Hill.
* [[Hagen Kleinert]], 2004. ''Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics, and Financial Markets'', 3rd ed. Singapore: World Scientific. [ Draft of 4th edition.]
* {{cite book
|author=[[Lev Landau|L.D. Landau]], [[Evgeny Lifshitz|E.M. Lifshitz]]
|title=Quantum Mechanics: Non-Relativistic Theory
|edition=3rd |volume=3
|publisher=[[Pergamon Press]]
}} [ Online copy]
* {{cite book | author=Liboff, Richard L. | title=Introductory Quantum Mechanics | publisher=Addison-Wesley | year=2002 | isbn=978-0-8053-8714-8| author-link=Liboff, Richard }}
* Gunther Ludwig, 1968. ''Wave Mechanics''. London: Pergamon Press. {{isbn|0-08-203204-1}}
* Mackey, [[George WhitelawMackey]] (2004). ''The mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics''. Dover Publications. ISBN {{isbn|0-486-43517-2}}.
* {{cite book | author=Merzbacher, Eugen|author-link=Eugen Merzbacher | title=Quantum Mechanics | publisher=Wiley, John & Sons, Inc | year=1998 | isbn=978-0-471-88702-7}}
* [[Albert Messiah]], 1966. ''Quantum Mechanics'' (Vol. I), English translation from French by G.M. Temmer. North Holland, John Wiley & Sons. Cf. chpt. IV, section III. [ online]
* {{cite book | author=Omnès, Roland | title=Understanding Quantum Mechanics | publisher=Princeton University Press | year=1999 | isbn=978-0-691-00435-8 | oclc=39849482 | author-link=Roland Omnès | url= }}
* [[Eric R. Scerri|Scerri, Eric R.]], 2006. ''The [[Periodic Table]]: Its Story and Its Significance''. Oxford University Press. Considers the extent to which chemistry and the periodic system have been reduced to quantum mechanics. {{isbn|0-19-530573-6}}
* {{cite book | author=Shankar, R. |author-link=Ramamurti Shankar| title=Principles of Quantum Mechanics | publisher=Springer | year=1994| isbn=978-0-306-44790-7}}
* {{cite book | author=Stone, A. Douglas |author-link=A. Douglas Stone| title=Einstein and the Quantum | publisher=Princeton University Press | year=2013 | isbn=978-0-691-13968-5 | url-access=registration | url= }}
* {{cite book | author=Transnational College of Lex| title=What is Quantum Mechanics? A Physics Adventure | publisher=Language Research Foundation, Boston |year=1996 |isbn=978-0-9643504-1-0 | oclc=34661512| author-link=Transnational College of Lex }}
* [[Martinus J. G. Veltman|Veltman, Martinus J.G.]] (2003), ''Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics''.
== Liên kết ngoài ==
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* J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson: [ A history of quantum mechanics.]
* [ Introduction to Quantum Theory at Quantiki.]
* [ Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple]: three video lectures by [[Hans Bethe]]
;Course material
* [ Quantum Cook Book] and [ PHYS 201: Fundamentals of Physics II] by [[Ramamurti Shankar]], Yale OpenCourseware
* [ The Modern Revolution in Physics] – an online textbook.
* [[MIT OpenCourseWare]]: [ Chemistry] and [ Physics]. See [ 8.04], [ 8.05] and [ 8.06]
* [ 5½ Examples in Quantum Mechanics]
* [ Imperial College Quantum Mechanics Course.]
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* {{cite SEP |url-id=qm |title=Quantum Mechanics |last=Ismael |first=Jenann}}
* {{cite SEP |url-id=qt-measurement |title=Measurement in Quantum Theory |last=Krips |first=Henry}}
* {{Britannica|486231|Quantum mechanics topics}}
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