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+ alias_map_get
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(+ alias_map_get)
args[k] = v; -- copy parameters to args table
--[[--------------------------< A L I A S _ M A P _ G E T >----------------------------------------------------
returns a table of local template (parent frame) parameter names and the target template names that match where
in [key]=<value> pairs where:
[key] is local template parameter name (an alias)
<value> is target template parameter name (the canonical parameter name used in the working template)
The parameter |_alias-map= has the form:
where <list> is a comma-separated list of alias / canonical parameter name pairs in the form
<from> : <to>
<from> is the local template's parameter name (alias)
<to> is the target template's parameter name (canonical)
for enumerated parameters place an octothorp (#) where the enumerator digits are placed in the parameter names:
<from#> : <to#>
local function alias_map_get (_alias_map)
local T = mw.text.split (_alias_map, '%s*,%s*'); -- convert the comma-separated list into a table of alias pairs
local mapped_aliases = {}; -- mapped aliases will go here
local l_name, t_name; -- parameter names
for _, alias_pair in ipairs (T) do -- loop through the table of alias pairs
l_name, t_name = alias_pair:match ('(.-)%s*:%s*(.+)'); -- from each pair, get local and target parameter names
if l_name and t_name then -- if both are set
if tonumber (l_name) then
l_name = tonumber (l_name); -- convert number-as-text to a number
mapped_aliases[l_name] = t_name; -- add them to the map table
return mapped_aliases;