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;''Khi vịt ị ra vàng ở Giao Chỉ'':
{{Quote|chữ=…Gold was the original of happiness and bitterness in [[Annam]] about X-XIV centuries. When it was plentiful, so Annam became the largest slave market of Indochinese peninsula ; but when it becoming exhausted, the country retrograded quickly and was destroyed by Ming dynasty. Liam Kelley told about [[Vermont]]' [[sheep]]s to describe that situation. Gold made Annamese kings to pay Song dynasty expensivest tributes. By [[Trần Quang Đức]]'s research, [[Song dynasty]]'s officers usually complained the court that, many "unconscionable" brokers in Liangguang tricked Chinese ones to sell as slaves. Those "slaves" must toiled at Annamese gold-mines, even they was killed for the worship gods. Chinese mandarins also said, ducks at South border swam into Annam to look food, their dung had gold. Gold made Annamese people to sew it into clothes, emperor [[Lý Cao Tông]] had to forbid in 1182. However, in comparison with Sinophere's countries (even China), all of Annamese palaces, pagodas, houses, costumes... were at the most luxurious. By classical annals of Annam, king [[Lê Hoàn]] had asked to built his palace with gold-inlaid tiles and columns in 984… |tác giả=[[Thành viên:C|C]] <small>(IP)</small> |nguồn=[[:en:Lý dynasty|Lý dynasty]], [ý_dynasty&diff=1042820087&oldid=1041984355 Revision as of 23:18, 6 September 2021] }}