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== Miêu tả ==
| Description = [[The Little Prince]].
Bìa truyện [[Hoàng ghjjjjjejebhdhehetử Bé]]
| Source =
* Page:
| Date = Painted in 1943
| Author = [[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]] (1900–1944)
| Permission = This painting is in the public domain in the United States and other [[European Union]] except France (the life of the author + 70 years). However, the painting is covered by copyright in France until 2045.
{{Do not move to Commons|expiry=2044|reason=[[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]] was died in 1944. However,
[[Copyright law of France|French copyright law]] gives a special 30 years extension of [[copyright]] to creative artists declared [[Mort pour la France]] over the usual 70 years post mortem. This image is Public domain in most of world except France and a few other countries.}}
| other_versions =
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