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| founder = [[Robert II of Scotland]]
| final ruler = [[Anne of Great Britain]]
| current head = Extinct{{#tag:ref|While the [[Earl of Galloway|Earls of Galloway]] are the senior surviving line of the Stewarts,<ref>[]</ref> they descend from a line which originated from the second son of [[Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland]]. They do not have any claims to English, Scottish, Irish and French thrones, but continue to be part of the [[British nobility]]—the legitimist [[Jacobitism|Jacobite]] line ceased to be Stuart with the death of [[Henry Benedict Stuart]].|group=note"Ghi chú"}}
| founding year = 1371
| dissolution =
| nationality = [[Scottish people|Scottish]], [[English people|English]], originally Normanized [[Breton people|Breton]]{{#tag:ref|The progenitor of the Stewarts (Stuarts) is [[Walter fitz Alan]], himself a Normanized Breton.<ref>Mackenzie, A. M., MA., D.Litt., ''The Rise of the Stewarts'', London, 1935, pps.8 -9.</ref>|group=note"Ghi chú"}}
| cadet branches =
[[Clan Stuart of Appin|Stewarts of Appin]]</br>
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