Khác biệt giữa các bản “Đường cao tốc”

| first = Roberta | last = Hershenson | work = The New York Times | date = June 18, 1995
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Construction of the Bonn-Cologne [[autobahnAutobahn]] beganBonn-Cologne inbắt 1929đầu andđược wasxây openeddựng invào 1932năm by1929 the mayorđược of[[thị trưởng]] Cologne khánh thành năm 1932.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=German Myth 8 Hitler and the Autobahn|}}</ref>
<!-- The word ''freeway'' was first used in February 1930 by [[Edward Bassett|Edward M. Bassett]].<ref>Thomas L. Karnes, ''Asphalt and Politics: A History of the American Highway System'' (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2009), 131.</ref><ref>Jeremy Korr, "Physical and Social Constructions of the Capital Beltway," in ''The World Beyond the Windshield: Roads and Landscapes in the United States and Europe,'' eds. Christof Mauch & Thomas Zeller, 187–210 (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2008), 195.</ref><ref name="bassett">Edward M. Bassett, "The Freeway—A New Kind of Thoroughfare," ''American City'' 42 (February 1930): 95.</ref> Bassett argued that roads should be classified into three basic types: highways, [[parkway]]s, and freeways.<ref name="bassett" /> In Bassett's [[Zoning in the United States|zoning]] and [[property law]]-based system, abutting property owners have the rights of light, air, and access to highways, but not parkways and freeways; the latter two are distinguished in that the purpose of a parkway is recreation, while the purpose of a freeway is movement.<ref name="bassett" /> Thus, as originally conceived, a freeway is simply a strip of public land devoted to movement to which abutting property owners do not have rights of light, air, or access.<ref name="bassett" /> --><!-- Not sure how this essay about the word "freeway" which means "a strip of public land devoted to movement" relates to today's use of freeway as a motorway. -->