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*[ Josephine Baker Official website]
*[ Les Milandes- Josephine Baker's castle in France]
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*{{IMDb name|1927}} (self)
*{{IMDb character|id=0057250|character=Josephine Baker}} (character)
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*[ ''A la recherche de Joséphine'' official site]
*[ A Josephine Baker photo gallery]
*[ The electric body: Nancy Cunard sees Josephine Baker (2003)] -- review essay of dance style and contemporary critics
*[ Guide to Josephine Baker papers] at [ Houghton Library], Harvard University
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| NAME = Baker, Josephine
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = U.S.-born French actress, singer, dancer; WWII French Resistance volunteer
| DATE OF BIRTH = 1906-06-03
| PLACE OF BIRTH = [[St. Louis, Missouri]], U.S.
| DATE OF DEATH = 1975-04-12
| PLACE OF DEATH = [[Paris, France]]}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Baker, Josephine}}
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