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A: Currently the maximum weekly benefit amount is $378 and the minimum is $54. Individuals must have earned at least $18,900.01 in two quarters during the base period to qualify for the maximum weekly benefit amount. Benefit duration varies from 12 to 26 weeks also depending on wages earned in the base period. Congress enacted a federal extension that increases the original benefit period by 50%, following the exhaustion of your initial benefit
entitlement. For example, an individual receiving benefits for 12 weeks will get an additional 6 weeks under the federal extension.
Q: Is there a waiting period before I can collect UI benefits?
A: If you are receiving a retirement pension from an employer for whom you worked during the base period, the weekly amount of the pension will be deducted dollar for dollar from your weekly UI benefit amount. You will be
ineligible for UI benefits if the pension equals or exceeds the UI benefit amount.
Q: Are there other requirements I must meet to be eligible for UI benefits?
A: You will be subject to the same continuing eligibility requirements as other claimants. These requirements include: <p>
„h* Being ready, willing, and able to work each week. <p>
„h* Providing documentation of your search for work each week benefits are claimed. <p>
„h* Reporting all wages earned during any weeks benefits are claimed. <p>
Q: Can VEC help me find another job?
A: To be eligible for UI benefits, an individual must register with the VEC for employment assistance online at The VEC can provide job seekers exposure to a variety of job opportunities, including local and statewide jobs in the private sector, as well as state and federal government positions. A substantial cross-section of employers use the VEC to assist them in hiring new staff, and some companies elect to have the VEC do all of their recruiting.