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==VEC Claim of Benefits==
Thank you for using the VEC's electronic claim filing system. <p>
We have received your claim and it is being processed. Your confirmation number is Eka1230414312247a701. <p>
Within the next few days we will be sending you by regular mail the following: <p>
* <b>A monetary determination</b>. The monetary determination will tell you both your weekly benefit amount and the number of weeks for which you can claim benefits based on the amount of wages that we have on file for you. <p>
* <b>Your "PIN" (Personal Identification Number) and your BRI (Benefits Rights and Responsibilities)</b>. Please be sure to have the PIN with you whenever you call us or visit one of our local offices. You also need this number for claiming weekly benefits over the Internet. Do not lose this PIN. <p>
"<b>Handbook For Claimants</b>." This booklet contains important information about your claim. <b><u>You must read this entire booklet immediately</u></b>. Click here to get the booklet NOW: <u> </u><p>
Once you have received your PIN you can start claiming weeks of benefits using VEC's voice response system or the Internet. If you are eligible, you will not receive payment for any week until you claim the week through the voice response system or the Internet. Further, to avoid non-timely filing which can affect your eligibility for benefits, the first week has to be claimed within 28 days of the date your Internet claim was filed. The voice response number is1-800-897-5630. TTY users should call Virginia Relay at 711 and instruct the operator to dial 1-866-241-9978. Out-of-state TTY users may also call Relay at 711 and instruct the operator to dial 1-866-241-9978. <p>
<u>You will need the PIN for filing weekly request for payment of benefits over the Internet</u>. Log in to the VEC web site atwww.VaEmploy.Com using the User ID and Password. Click on the link "File VEC Continued Claim for Benefits" and enter the PIN. <p>
==Your Benefits and Responsibilities:==