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==VEC Claim of Benefits==
Thank you for using the VEC's electronic claim filing system. <p>
We have received your claim and it is being processed. Your confirmation number is Eka1230414312247a701xxxxxxxx. <p>
Within the next few days we will be sending you by regular mail the following: <p>
* <b>A monetary determination</b>. The monetary determination will tell you both your weekly benefit amount and the number of weeks for which you can claim benefits based on the amount of wages that we have on file for you. <p>
<u>You will need the PIN for filing weekly request for payment of benefits over the Internet</u>. Log in to the VEC web site atwww.VaEmploy.Com using the User ID and Password. Click on the link "File VEC Continued Claim for Benefits" and enter the PIN. <p>
==Your Benefits and Responsibilities:==
You will be held responsible for this information. Failure to comply with these instructions could result in a DENIAL of benefits. You may wish to print this page. <p>