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==VEC Claim of Benefits==
Thank you for using the VEC's electronic claim filing system. <p>
We have received your claim and it is being processed. Your confirmation number is xxxxxxxx. <p>
Within the next few days we will be sending you by regular mail the following: <p>
* <b>A monetary determination</b>. The monetary determination will tell you both your weekly benefit amount and the number of weeks for which you can claim benefits based on the amount of wages that we have on file for you. <p>
* <b>Your "PIN" (Personal Identification Number) and your BRI (Benefits Rights and Responsibilities)</b>. Please be sure to have the PIN with you whenever you call us or visit one of our local offices. You also need this number for claiming weekly benefits over the Internet. Do not lose this PIN. <p>
"<b>Handbook For Claimants</b>." This booklet contains important information about your claim. <b><u>You must read this entire booklet immediately</u></b>. Click here to get the booklet NOW: <u> </u><p>
Once you have received your PIN you can start claiming weeks of benefits using VEC's voice response system or the Internet. If you are eligible, you will not receive payment for any week until you claim the week through the voice response system or the Internet. Further, to avoid non-timely filing which can affect your eligibility for benefits, the first week has to be claimed within 28 days of the date your Internet claim was filed. The voice response number is1-800-897-5630. TTY users should call Virginia Relay at 711 and instruct the operator to dial 1-866-241-9978. Out-of-state TTY users may also call Relay at 711 and instruct the operator to dial 1-866-241-9978. <p>
<u>You will need the PIN for filing weekly request for payment of benefits over the Internet</u>. Log in to the VEC web site atwww.VaEmploy.Com using the User ID and Password. Click on the link "File VEC Continued Claim for Benefits" and enter the PIN. <p>
==Your Benefits and Responsibilities:==
You will be held responsible for this information. Failure to comply with these instructions could result in a DENIAL of benefits. You may wish to print this page. <p>
===How do I get paid?===
You will be paid either by direct deposit or debit card. If you did not select direct deposit you will receive a Virginia debit card in the mail within the next 3-5 business days. Payment for eligible weeks will appear in the selected account within 2 business (working) days of filing your weekly claim. <p>
The debit card is good for 3 years. Additional charges apply for a replacement card, so be sure that you have entered your name, social security number, date of birth and mailing address correctly. <p>
===What is a PIN?===
A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be mailed to you once your claim is processed. Please be sure to secure your pin as you will need it to certify your weekly claim for benefits and whenever you contact the VEC concerning your claim. DO NOT LOSE THIS PIN. <p>
===What is a separation issue?===
Anytime you are separated from your employer for reasons other than a lack of work or reduction in force. <p>
What is an able and availability issue?
An issue is created anytime you are not able to work or have any restriction on your availability to work. All able and available statements are reviewed to determine your eligibility on a weekly basis. <p>
===What is a fact-finding interview?===
Hearing Officers process separation and able and available issues. Separation issues may be scheduled for a telephonic hearing no earlier than 10 days from the date the claim is filed. You will be mailed a notification with the date and time of your telephonic hearing. Your employer will also be notified to participate in this hearing. Be sure that we have your correct telephone number on file. Failure to participate will result in a determination being made based on the available information. <p>
===What if I work for an educational institution and I am out of work due to a school break (summer, semester, or holiday)?===
If you have reasonable assurance of returning to work after the break you may not be eligible for any benefits claimed during the break. <p>
===When is my claim effective?===
Upon submission of this application your claim will be effective Sunday of the week you file. <p>
Why don't I get paid for the first week?
The first week you meet all of the eligibility requirements is your waiting week. By law you are not paid for that week. However, you must file a claim for that week to establish your waiting week. <p>
==You are required to do the following!==
To receive payment you must report your job contacts each week, on Sunday. You will need your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to file either by telephone (1-800-897-5630) or online www.VaEmploy.Com (click on the link "File your weekly request for payment of employment benefits").<p>
:1. <b>Report all work (including temporary, part-time and self-employment) and money as it is earned</b> (not when it is paid to him/her) from any source for any week you claim benefits. Earnings include vacation, severance, and holiday pay, as well as sickness and accident benefits paid by your employer. Report the total amount of your gross earnings/wages before taxes and other employer deductions are made and not net earnings/wages. Report your reason for separation from any employer, even if it is temporary employment. If your work is continuing, report this as well.
:2. <b>Be able to work and available for suitable work</b> with no undue restrictions on your availability for work.
:3. <b>If you are required to be registered for Job Services<b> you will need to do so online <u></u> within 5 days of filing your claim. <b>Failure to do so could result in denial of benefits</b>. You will be asked to register after you submit your claim.
::Note: If you live outside the state of Virginia you must register for work with that state's workforce services office within 5 days of filing your claim. Failure to do so could result in a denial of benefits. <p>
:4. Make an active search for work each week and report those job contacts on the Sunday, after the job contacts are made. You must actively apply for work with a least two (2) prospective employers during each week benefits are claimed, unless you customarily obtain work through a labor union of which you are a member in good standing. Union members must report the name of your union and local union number at least one (1) time each week. If you are not affiliated with a union hiring hall, you can only use your union contact, by itself, for the first six (6) weeks of your claim. On week seven (7) you will be required to report two (2) job contacts each week. One (1) can be your union and one (1) must be another employer. <p>
::<b>Telephone contacts are not acceptable unless a telephonic application or interview is the only method used by the employer. </b><p>
You may fax, mail or email your resume/application to look for work. You may also contact the employer in person. You must keep a record for 1 year of the following information about each employer you contact when filing your weekly claim for benefits, in the event VEC wishes to verify your job contacts: <p>
#Month, day, and year you contacted the employer;
#Complete name of the company contacted;
#Complete mailing address of the company contacted, including street, P.O. Box number, state, and zip code;
#First and last name and title of the individual with whom you talked;
#Telephone number of the company contacted or email address;
#Type of work or position for which you applied; and
#Results of contact (interview, application, etc.).
Your work search contacts are subject to verification! <p>
Work search may be waived if you have a date to return to full time work within six weeks of the date you file your claim. <p>
<b>Since the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act requires that claimants provide the name of the employers contacted for work, blind ads cannot be accepted. A blind ad is an ad in the newspaper that does not provide the employer name. Headhunters, web-based or otherwise, cannot be accepted for this same reason. For verification purposes, the Virginia Employment Commission must have the prospective employer name to verify your contact. <p>
Please do not reply to this e-mail, or use this address to inquire about your claim. E-mails to this address will not receive a response. If you have questions, please contact the customer contact center at 1-866-832-2363, or your nearest VEC field office for assistance.</b>