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|names='''Jerry "The King" Lawler'''
|height={{height|foot=6|inch=0}}<ref name=slambio/>
|weight=243 lb<ref name=slambio/><ref name="WWEProfile">{{citechú thích web |url=|title=WWE Profile|accessdate=2007-05-28 |}}</ref><ref name=slambio/>
|birth_date={{birth date and age|1949|11|29}}
|birth_place=[[Memphis, Tennessee]]<ref name=slambio>{{citechú thích web|url=|title=SLAM Bio: Jerry Lawler|publisher=SLAM! Sports|accessdate=2007-10-08|date=2005-02-05}}</ref>
|resides=[[Memphis, Tennessee]]
|billed=Memphis, Tennessee<ref name="WWEProfile" />
|trainer=[[Jackie Fargo]]<ref name=gbu>{{citechú bookthích sách |last=Sugar|first=Bert Randolph|coauthors=George Napolitano|title=The Pictorial History of Wrestling: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly|pages=pp. 46|isbn = 0-8317-3912-6}}</ref>
|debut=1970<ref name=slambio/>
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*{{citechú bookthích sách | author = Lawler, Jerry | title = It's Good to Be the King...Sometimes | year = 2002 | publisher = [[World Wrestling Entertainment]] | isbn = 978-0743457682}}
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