Khác biệt giữa các bản “Người Đan Mạch”

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|region5 = {{flagcountry|Norway}}
|pop5 = 52,510
|ref5 = {{lower|<ref>{{citechú thích web |author=Statistics Norway|title=Persons with immigrant background by immigration category, country background and sex. 1 January 2009 (Immigrants and Norwegian-norn to immigrant parents + Other immigrant background)|url=|accessdate=2009-08-27}} {{Dead link|date=September 2010|bot=H3llBot}}</ref>}}
|region6 = {{flagcountry|Australia}}
|pop6 = 50,413
|region16 = {{flagcountry|Iceland}}
|pop16 = 2,802
|ref16 = {{lower|<ref>{{citechú thích web
|title=Population by country of birth 1981-2006 by country and year: Denmark, 2006

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