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| Format = [[CD single]], [[cassette single]], [[gramophone record|7" single]]
| Recorded = 1994
| Genre = [[contemporary R&B|R&B]], [[hip hop music|hip hop]], [[funk]], [[Rock music|rock]] ("Scream")<ref name="RS HIStory"/><ref name = "George 48-50"/><br /> Pop ("Childhood")<ref name="RS HIStory">{{citechú newsthích báo|first=James |last=Hunter |url=
|title=Michael Jackson HIStory |work=[[Rolling Stone]] |date=August 10, 1995 |accessdate=July 23, 2008}}</ref>
| Length = "Scream" - 4:39<br />"Childhood" - 4:27
| Writer = [[Michael Jackson]], [[Janet Jackson]]<br />[[Jimmy Jam]]<br />[[Terry Lewis]]
| Producer = Michael Jackson<br />Janet Jackson<br />Jimmy Jam<br />Terry Lewis
| Certification = Platinum <small>([[Recording Industry Association of America|RIAA]])</small> <ref name="Scream/childhood RIAA cert">{{citechú thích web |url= |title=Gold and platinum |publisher=RIAA |accessdate=September 15, 2008 }}</ref>
| Chronology = [[Michael Jackson]] singles
| Last single = "[[Gone Too Soon]]"<br />(1993)
|New Zealand [[Recording Industry Association of New Zealand|RIANZ]] Singles Chart
|align="center"|1 <ref name=" 'Scream/Childhood' charts ultratop ">{{citechú thích web |url= |title=M. Jackson & J. Jackson - Scream (nummer) | |accessdate=September 14, 2008 }}</ref>
|[[VG-lista|Norwegian Singles Chart]]
|U.S. [[Billboard Hot 100|''Billboard'' Hot 100]]
|align="center"|5 <ref name="Billboard Hot 100 - Scream">{{citechú thích web |url= |title=''Billboard'' Hot 100 - Scream |publisher=''Billboard'' |accessdate=September 14, 2008 }}</ref>
|U.S. ''Billboard'' [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs|Hot R&B Singles]]
|align="center"|2 <ref name="Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs - Scream">{{citechú thích web |url= |title=''Billboard'' Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs - Scream |publisher=''Billboard'' |accessdate=September 14, 2008 }}</ref>
|U.S. ''Billboard'' [[Hot Dance Club Songs|Hot Dance Club Play]]
|align="center"|1 <ref name="Billboard Hot Dance - Scream">{{citechú thích web |url= |title=Hot Dance Club Play - Scream |publisher=''Billboard'' |accessdate=September 14, 2008 }}</ref>
!Bảng xếp hạng (2009)
|align="left"|[[Swiss Singles Chart]]
|align="center"| 93<ref name="switzerland"/>
|align="center"| 93<ref name="switzerland">{{Cite web|url=|title=Swiss Singles Chart Archives|accessdate=July 18, 2009|}}</ref>
|[[UK Singles Chart]]
|align=center|70<ref>{{citechú thích web |url= |title=UK Singles Chart|publisher=The Official UK Charts Company |accessdate=6 July 2009}}</ref>
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* {{citechú bookthích sách|last=Campbell|first=Lisa|title=Michael Jackson: The King of Pops Darkest Hour|publisher=Branden|year=1995|isbn=0828320039}}
* [[Nelson George|George, Nelson]] (2004). ''[[Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection]]'' booklet. [[Sony BMG]].
* {{citechú bookthích sách|last=Pratt|first=Douglas|title=Doug Pratt's DVD: Movies, Television, Music, Art, Adult, and More!|publisher=UNET 2 Corporation|year=2005|isbn=1932916016}}
* {{citechú bookthích sách |last=Lewis |first=Jel |title=Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Big Picture : the Music! the Man! the Legend! the Interviews! |year = 2005 |publisher=Amber Books Publishing|isbn=0-974977-90-X}}
* {{citechú bookthích sách |last=Taraborrelli |first=J. Randy |authorlink=J. Randy Taraborrelli |title=The Magic and the Madness |year=2004 |publisher=Headline |location=Terra Alta, WV |isbn=0-330-42005-4 }}
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