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'''Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie''' ([[9 tháng 9]] năm 1941&nbsp;– [[12 tháng 10]] năm 2011),<ref name="NYTimes">
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| last = Lohr
| first = Steve
| quote = Pioneering computer scientist Dennis Ritchie has died after a long illness. ... The first news of Dr Ritchie's death came via Rob Pike, a former colleague who worked with him at Bell Labs. Mr Ritchie's passing was then confirmed in a statement from Alcatel Lucent which now owns Bell Labs. }}
</ref><ref name=RobPike>
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| author = Rob Pike
| title = (untitled post to Google+)
| accessdate = October 14, 2011 }}
</ref><ref name="Guardian">
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| last = Campbell-Kelly
| first = Martin

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