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{{Infobox military unit
|unit_name = 1st Infantry Division
|image=[[FileTập tin:US 1st Infantry Division SSI.svg|150px]]
|caption=1st Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia
|dates=24 May 1917 – present
|country={{flagicon|USA}} United States of America
|allegiance=[[ImageHình:United States Department of the Army Seal.svg|20px|alt=|link=]] [[United States Army]]
|command_structure=[[U.S. Army Forces Command|Forces Command]]
|branch=[[Regular Army (United States)|Regular Army]]
|notable_commanders = Major General [[Charles Pelot Summerall]]<br/>Major General [[Terry de la Mesa Allen, Sr.]]<br/>Major General [[Clarence R. Huebner]]<br/>Brigadier General [[Theodore Roosevelt Jr.]]
|anniversaries =
|identification_symbol=[[FileTập tin:1 Infantry Division DUI.PNG|100px]]
|identification_symbol_label=Distinctive Unit Insignia

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