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| death_place = [[Glen Ellen, California]]
| occupation = tiểu thuyết gia, <br>nhà văn viết truyện ngắn
| influenced = [[Robert E. Howard]]<ref>Howard (1989), p.12: "I have carefully gone over, in my mind, the most powerful men &mdash; that is, in my opinion &mdash; in all of the world's literature and here is my list... Jack London..."</ref><ref>Lord(1976) p. 44: "But my favorite writers, both of prose and verse, are British or Americans. They are... Jack London... where is the Frenchman who writes, or wrote, with the fire of Jack London...?"</ref><ref>Herron (2004) p. 144: "The reincarnation theology espoused in the works of Jack London &mdash; most notably in ''[[The Sea Wolf]]'' (1904), ''[[Before Adam]]'' (1907), and especially ''[[The Star Rover]]'' (1915) &mdash; ultimately became the single greatest influence on Howard as a writer. In 1930 Howard wrote to his friend Harold Preece that 'London's ''[[The Star Rover]]'' is a book that I've read and reread for years, and that generally goes to my head like wine.'" </ref>
| signature = Jack London signature.jpg
===Tiểu thuyết===
*''[[A Daughter of the Snows]]'' (1902)
*''[[Children of the Frost]]'' (1902)
*''[[The Call of the Wild]]'' (1903), bản tiếng Việt: "Tiếng gọi nơi hoang dã"
*''[[The Kempton-Wace Letters]]'' (1903), phát hành nặc danh, đồng tác giả: Jack London và [[Anna Strunsky]].
*''[[The Sea-Wolf]]'' (1904), bản tiếng Việt: "Sói biển"
*''[[The Game (tiểu thuyết)|The Game]]'' (1905)
*''[[White Fang]]'' (1906), bản tiếng Việt: "Nanh trắng"
*''[[Before Adam]]'' (1907)
*''[[The Iron Heel]]'' (1908), bản tiếng Việt: "Gót sắt"
*''[[Martin Eden]]'' (1909), bản tiếng Việt cùng tên, hoặc phiên âm là "Mác-tin I-đơn"
*''[[Burning Daylight]]'' (1910), bản tiếng Việt: "Ánh sáng ban ngày"
*''[[Adventure (tiểu thuyết)|Adventure]]'' (1911)
*''[[The Scarlet Plague]]'' (1912)
*''[[The Abysmal Brute]]'' (1913)
*''[[The Valley of the Moon]]'' (1913)
*''[[The Mutiny of the Elsinore]]'' (1914)
*''[[The Star Rover]]'' (1915), phát hành tại Anh với tên ''The Jacket''
*''[[The Little Lady of the Big House]]'' (1916)
*''[[Jerry of the Islands]]'' (1917)
*''[[Michael, Brother of Jerry]]'' (1917)
*''[[Hearts of Three]]'' (1920), Jack London tiểu thuyết hóa từ kịch bản phim của Charles Goddard
*''[[The Assassination Bureau, Ltd]]'' (1963), Jack London viết dang dở, Robert Fish viết phần kết; bản tiếng Việt: "Văn phòng ám sát"
===Tập truyện ngắn===
*''[[Tales of the Fish Patrol]]'' (1906)
*''[[Smoke Bellew]]'' (1912)
*''[[The Turtles of Tasman]]'' (1916)
===Hồi ký===
* ''[[The Road]]'' (1907)
* ''[[John Barleycorn (tiểu thuyết)|John Barleycorn]]'' (1913)
===Tả thực và tiểu luận===
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''Tác phẩm xem trực tuyến
*[ Jack London's Writings]
*[ Jack London's Unpublished Poetry] Forty poems by Jack London, published for the first time in 2005 by Dan Wichlan. Of interest mostly to Jack London buffs, his poetry being unsuccessful.
*[ Plays by Jack London] Full text, online, of ''The Acorn-Planter,'' ''The Birth Mark,'' ''The First Poet,'' ''Daughters of the Rich,'' ''Scorn of Women,'' and ''A Wicked Woman.'' Of interest mostly to Jack London buffs, his plays being unsuccessful.
*[ The World of Jack London] Biographical information and writings
*[ Jack London - his life and books] Capsule biography from Jack London State Park website
*[ Jack London's Ranch Album]
*[ Jack London State Historic Park]
*[ The Huntingon Library's Jack London Archive]
*[ Spike Magazine's Review of ''The Iron Heel'']
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