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<!-- Basic info ---------------->
|official_name = City of Albany, Georgia
|other_name =
|native_name = <!-- for cities whose native name is not in English -->
|nickname = The Good Life City, The Artesian City
|settlement_type = [[CityThành phố]]
|motto =
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|coordinates_region = US-GA
|subdivision_type = [[Danh sách quốc gia|Quốc gia]]
|subdivision_name = [[UnitedHoa StatesKỳ]]
|subdivision_type1 = [[Tiểu bang Hoa Kỳ|Tiểu bang]]
|subdivision_name1 = [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]]
|subdivision_type2 = [[Danh sách các quận tiểu bang Georgia (U.S. state)|Quận]]
|subdivision_name2 = [[DoughertyQuận CountyDougherty, Georgia|Dougherty]]
|subdivision_type3 =
|subdivision_name3 =

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