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| former_name = [[Galvin Manufacturing Corporation]]
| area_served = toàn thế giới
| location = 1303 đường East Algonquin,<ref>[ Motorola Office Locations], Retrieved 2010-07-26.</ref> [[Schaumburg, Illinois]], [[UnitedHoa StatesKỳ]]
| key_people = '''[[Greg Brown (businessman)|Greg Brown]]''' <small>([[Chủ tịch]] & phó [[tổng giám đốc]])<ref>[ Greg Brown, President and Co-CEO<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> </small><br />'''[[Sanjay Jha]]''' <small>(CEO and Chairman)</small><ref>{{chú thích báo | last = Silver | first = Sara
| coauthors = Lublin, Joann S. | title = Motorola Lures Jha to Head Cellphone Unit

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