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UsageSửa đổi

{{unreferenced section|date=tháng 11 2020}}

This template puts articles in Category:Articles needing additional references and dated sub categories. Be careful not to abbreviate the date, because then it will automatically add a redlinked category instead of the correct category.

RedirectsSửa đổi

  1. {{Cite sources section}}
  2. {{Nocite section}}
  3. {{Unsourcedsect}}
  4. {{Unreferenced-section}}
  5. {{Unreferenced-sect}}
  6. {{Unreferencedsect}}
  7. {{Unrefsec}}
  8. {{Unrefsect}}
  9. {{Unreferenced section}}
  10. {{Unrefsection}}
  11. {{Unreferencedsec}}
  12. {{Unsourced section}}
  13. {{Unsourced-section}}
  14. {{Unsourcedsection}}
  15. {{Unref-section}}

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