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This template checks for compliance with WCAG G17, i.e. that a background–foreground colour combination has got a contrast ratio of more than 4.5:1. It takes two arguments, the base colour value, and the tracking category, category, to place non-compliant transclusions in. A third parameter, other, is optional; the template will by default calculate the contrast ratio against black and white, on the assumption that it is used in conjunction with {{Greater color contrast ratio}}.

Ghi chú: đây là tuân thủ AAA cho chữ đậm 18 điểm hoặc 14 điểm.

Tỷ lệ độ tương phản
Đánh giá Chữ thường Chữ đậm 18 điểm hoặc 14 điểm
AA 4.5 3
AAA 7 4.5

Các ví dụ sửa

  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=navy|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|other=|base=navy|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|other=navy|base=navy|category=Test}} → Test
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=red|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=#CC5500|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=asdf|category=Test}} → Test

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