This template displays web banner-style advertisements, almost all of which are animated, for various Wikipedia maintenance collaborations, WikiProjects, policies, guidelines, processes and practises, such as barnstars, featured articles and edit summaries. The ads rotate at random each time the page is changed, and can be cycled manually by clicking the "show another" button in the bottom-right corner of the box. Clicking on the ad will take you to a relevant page; to view the image description page, click the "file info" link.

Sử dụng trên trang cá nhânSửa đổi

Để thêm mục quảng cáo này vào trang cá nhân userpage hay talk page, hãy chèn đoạn {{Wikipedia ads}} vào nơi thích hợp. Khi đó kết quả sẽ hiện ra:

ParametersSửa đổi

By default, the template will show ads taken at random from the entire collection. The following parameters are supported:

Parameter and Value Description
ad=ad number Display only the specified ad.
linkcolor=color Change the color of the links.
color=color Change the color of the text.
background=color Change the background color; by default the template has a transparent background.
float=position Float the ads alongside any text that follows, e.g. float=right.
nolinks Hide the links at the bottom of the template. Please try to avoid this, as the "file info" link is the only way to see the licensing and authorship information for the image (normally, this can be done simply by clicking the image).
navbox Show table of all ads instead of one ad.

Hiding the adsSửa đổi

If you do not wish to see these ads, you may hide them by adding the following code to your monobook.css:

.qxz-ads {display: none;}

Users of other skins should use the appropriate subpage for that skin (e.g. standard.css) instead.

Current adsSửa đổi

This template was conceived and implemented by Gurch and later rewritten by Svick. The images were created by many different users, as detailed below. (Individual images may have been edited by more than one user.)

If you would like an ad to be created for a particular page or project, one of the users listed below may wish to create it for you. Persian Poet Gal cannot take requests at this time. Master of Puppets is almost always open to requests; check their talk page.

Bear in mind that there are already dozens of ads in use; if the project you wish to promote already has one, feel free to suggest improvements or make your own replacement, but try to stick to one ad per project.

Click the "[show]" button in the box below to expand the list of all ads.

Creating adsSửa đổi

If you wish to create ads yourself, you are welcome to do so. Alternatively, here is a guide to help you make the ads. In order that the template works properly, however, please ensure that the image is:

  • In GIF (multi-frame) or PNG (single-frame) format.
  • 468 pixels wide by 60 high.

Additionally, the following requirements must be met to ensure copyright and Wikipedia's image use policy are not violated:

  • If the image includes other images (a derivative work), it must only include images under a free license or in the public domain.
  • The image itself must be released under a free license or into the public domain.
  • Some free licenses specify that derivative works must also use that license (for example, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0). If an ad contains images under such a license, the ad itself must also be released under that license.
  • Non-free images can not be used.

The image may be uploaded locally or to Commons, but in either case the local image description page should exist and contain {{Wikipedia-adnavbox}}.

Bear in mind when creating animations that they can have large file sizes, and many contributors do not access Wikipedia through a high-speed connection. Try to keep each image to no more than a few hundred kilobytes in size.

Editing this templateSửa đổi

This template is a little complex. Bear in mind that it is used on many userpages, so try not to break it.

Contact Svick if you need assistance with this.

Adding new adSửa đổi

To create a new ad from an image you already uploaded and that satisfies the conditions above, edit this template following these steps:

  • Increase the first parameter (number of all ads) by one and remember the new value – it is the number of your ad.
  • Before the line full of numbers almost at the end of the code, add a line formatted like this:
| Image:Qxz-ad1.gif | Wikipedia:Barnstars | [[User:Gurch|Gurch]]
  • The first part is the ad image you already uploaded (including the Image: prefix).
  • The second part is the page on Wikipedia you want to link to.
  • The third part is your (the ad's author's) signature. (The signature can't contain | nor = that aren't inside a link or a template tag. They have to be replaced by {{!}} and {{=}} respectively.)
  • Append the number of your ad and | at the end of the line full of numbers.

Removing adSửa đổi

To remove an ad, whose number you know, edit this template and:

  • Increase the second parameter (the number of inactive ads) by one.
  • Find the line full of numbers, almost at the end of the code and delete the number of the ad you want to remove, including one of the neighbouring |.

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