Joseph Thomas Morton, Jr. (sinh ngày 18 tháng 10 năm 1947) là một nam diễn viên người Mỹ.[2][3][4][5]

Joe Morton
Joe Morton.jpg
Morton vào tháng 7 năm 2012
SinhJoseph Thomas Morton, Jr.[1]
18 tháng 10, 1947 (73 tuổi)
New York, New York, Mỹ
Trường lớpHofstra University
Nghề nghiệpDiễn viên
Năm hoạt động1970–nay
Con cái3

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Năm Tên Vai Ghi chú
1977 Between the Lines Ahmed
1979 ...And Justice for All Prison Doctor
1982 The Clairvoyant Detective Rich
1983 Curse of the Pink Panther Charlie
1984 The Brother from Another Planet The Brother
1985 Trouble in Mind Solo
1986 Crossroads Scratch's assistant
1987 Stranded Sheriff McMahon
1988 The Good Mother Frank Williams
Zelly and Me Earl
1989 Tap Nicky
1990 The Lost Platoon World War II Soldier
1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson
City of Hope Wynn
1992 Forever Young Cameron
Of Mice and Men Crooks
1994 Speed Lieutenant "Mac" McMahon
The Inkwell Kenny Tate
1995 The Walking Dead Sergeant Barkley
1996 Executive Decision Sergeant Matheny
Lone Star Delmore Payne
1997 The Pest Mr. Kent
Speed 2: Cruise Control Captain "Mac" McMahon
Trouble on the Corner Detective Bill
Miss Evers' Boys Dr. Sam Brodus
1998 Blues Brothers 2000 Cabel Chamberlain
Final Act Không có
Apt Pupil Dan Richler
1999 Mutiny Thurgood Marshall
The Astronaut's Wife Sherman Reese
2000 Bounce Jim Weller
What Lies Beneath Dr. Drayton
2001 Ali Chauncey Eskridge
2002 Dragonfly Hugh Campbell
2003 Thoughtcrimes John Harper
Paycheck Agent Dodge
Jasper, Texas Walter Diggles
2004 Breaking Dawn Professor Simon
Sunday on the Rocks
2005 Lenny the Wonder Dog Dr. Island
Back in the Day Rev. James Packer
Stealth Dick Marshfield
2006 The Night Listener Ashe
2007 American Gangster Charlie Williams
Badland Max Astin
2008 La Linea Hodges
Wherever You Are Dr. Livingston
2010 The Mulberry Tree Samuel R. Freeman
2013 Home Donald Hall
2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dr. Silas Stone
2017 Justice League

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Năm Tên Vai Ghi chú
1970 Mission: Impossible Clerk
1970 Bracken's World Yule Buford
1973–1974 Search for Tomorrow James Foster
1975 Sanford and Son Hal Marshall
1975–1976 Grady Hal Marshall
1976 M*A*S*H Captain Saunders
1976 What's Happening!! Department Store Manager
1978 Watch Your Mouth Raymond Geeter
1978 Lawman Without a Gun Louis
1979 Guiding Light Dan Stennis
1980 Death Penalty William Terry
1981 We're Fighting Back Elgin Jones
1983 Another World Dr. Abel Marsh
1983 American Playhouse Carl Hatch
1985 Miami Vice Lt. Jack Davis
1986 Who's the Boss? Limo Driver
1987–1989 The Equalizer Carter Brock / Slate
1988 Hostile Witness Tandy
1988 Alone in the Neon Jungle Ken Fraker
1989 Howard Beach: Making The Case for Murder Cedric Sandiford
1989 A Man Called Hawk Rev. Marvin Lewis
1990–1991 Equal Justice Mike James
1990 Challenger Dr. Ronald McNair
1992 Law & Order Roland Books
1992 A Different World Byron Douglas III
1992 Legacy of Lies Samuel Flowers
1993 TriBeCa Carlton Thomas
1994 Homicide: Life on the Street Sam Thorn
1994 New York Undercover Dean/Dinah
1995 Under One Roof Ron Langston
1995 New York News Mitch Cotter
1995 In the Shadow of Evil Lt. Royce
1996 Touched by an Angel Jake Stone
1996 Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance Gordon Thomas
1997–2000 Prince Street Lieutenant Tom Warner
1998 Dellaventura Councilman Caulder
1998–1999 Mercy Point Dr. Grote Maxwell
1999–2008 American Experience Narrator
1999 Y2K Martin Lowell
2000–2005 Law & Order Leon Chiles
2000 The X-Files Martin Wells
2000 Ali: An American Hero Malcolm X
2001–2002 Smallville Dr. Steven Hamilton
2002 Touched by an Angel Martin
2002 All My Children Zeke McMillan
2002 The Practice U.S. Attorney
2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Ray Bevins
2004 The Jury James Byron Milton
2004 Whoopi Martin James
2005–2006 E-Ring Steve Algazi
2005 JAG Elroy Johnson
2005 House Gary H. Wright
2005 CSI: NY Dwight Hillborne
2006–2012 Eureka Henry Deacon
2007 Numb3rs
2008 Boston Legal Attorney Steve Duprey
2009–2011 The Good Wife Daniel Golden
2009 Warehouse 13 Reverend John Hill
2009 Brothers & Sisters Peter Madsen
2009 Great Performances Eugene Bullard
2010 White Collar Kyle Bancroft
2012 Coma Dr. Nelson
2013–2018 Scandal Eli Rowan Pope
2015 Proof Dr. Charles Richmond
2015–2016 Grace and Frankie Jason
2015 Cleveland Abduction Agent Solano
2016 Dinner in America with Brett Gelman
2016 All the Way Roy Wilkins

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Năm Tên Vai
2003 Ghost Hunter Professor Richmond
2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Radio Commercial

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