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[[Image:Rosslyn, Virginia.jpg|thumb|right|200px|[[Rosslyn, Virginia|Rosslyn]] is home to the tallest [[high rise]]s in the region.<ref>[ High-Rises Approved That Would Dwarf D.C.]</ref><ref>[ List of tallest buildings in DC, MD, VA, WV]</ref>]]
[[File:NIH Clinical Center south entrance.jpg|thumb|right|NIH Clinical Center in [[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]].]]
[[Image:USA Today building.jpg|thumb|Gannett Company headquarters in [[Tysons Corner, Virginia|Tysons Corner]].]]
The Washington, D.C. area has the largest science and engineering work force of any metropolitan area in the nation, at 324,530, ahead of the combined [[San Francisco Bay Area|San Francisco]] and [[Silicon Valley|San Jose]] work force of 214,500, and [[Chicago metropolitan area|Chicago]] at 203,090.<ref>[ Washington area richest, most educated in US: report]</ref>
===Primary industries===
Not limited to its proximity to the [[National Institutes of Health]], Maryland's Washington suburbs are a major center for [[biotechnology]]. Prominent local biotech companies include [[MedImmune]], [[The Institute for Genomic Research]], [[Human Genome Sciences]], and the [[Howard Hughes Medical Institute]].
====Defense contracting====
Many defense contractors are based in the region to be close to [[the Pentagon]] in Arlington. Local defense contractors include [[Lockheed Martin]], the largest, as well as [[General Dynamics Corporation|General Dynamics]], [[Computer Sciences Corporation|Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)]], [[Science Applications International Corporation|Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)]], and [[Orbital Sciences Corporation]].
===Notable company headquarters in the region===
(Numbers denote [[Fortune 500|Fortune 500 company]] ranking.)
====Washington, D.C.====
* [[Black Entertainment Television]]
* [[Bureau of National Affairs]]
* [[Calibre Energy]]
* [[Carlyle Group]]
* [[Danaher]] ''239''
* [[Federal National Mortgage Association]] "Fannie Mae" ''53''
* [[National Geographic Society]]
* [[Pepco Holdings, Inc.]] ''279''
* [[Washington Post Company]]
* [[XM Satellite Radio]]
====Suburban Maryland====
* [[BAE Systems Inc.]] ([[Rockville, Maryland|Rockville]])
* [[Bethesda Softworks]] ([[Rockville, Maryland|Rockville]])
* [[Chevy Chase Bank]] ([[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]])
* [[Choice Hotels]] ([[Silver Spring, Maryland|Silver Spring]])
* [[Coventry Health Care]] ([[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]]) ''226''
* [[Discovery Communications]] ([[Silver Spring, Maryland|Silver Spring]])
* [[GEICO]] ([[Chevy Chase, Maryland|Chevy Chase]])
* [[Host Hotels & Resorts]] ([[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]]) ''440''
* [[Hughes Network Systems]] ([[Germantown, Maryland|Germantown]])
* [[Lockheed Martin]] ([[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]]) ''57''
* [[Marriott International]] ([[Bethesda, Maryland|Bethesda]]) ''197''
* [[MedImmune]] ([[Gaithersburg, Maryland|Gaithersburg]])
* [[Radio One]] ([[Lanham, Maryland|Lanham]])
* [[Ritz Carlton]] ([[Chevy Chase, Maryland|Chevy Chase]])
* [[TV One]] ([[Silver Spring, Maryland|Silver Spring]])
====Northern Virginia====
* [[AES Corporation]] ([[Arlington County, Virginia|Arlington]]) ''183''
* [[Airbus]] North America ([[Herndon, Virginia|Herndon]])
* [[BearingPoint]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]])
* [[Booz Allen Hamilton]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]])
* [[CACI]] ([[Arlington County, Virginia|Arlington]])
* [[Capital One Financial Corporation|Capital One]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]]) ''130''
* [[Computer Sciences Corporation]] ([[Falls Church, Virginia|Falls Church]]) ''170''
* [[DynCorp International]] ([[Falls Church, Virginia|Falls Church]])
* [[Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]]) "Freddie Mac" ''54''
* [[Fabrique Nationale de Herstal|FNH]] USA ([[Fredericksburg, Virginia|Fredericksburg]])
* [[Gannett Company Incorporated|Gannett Company]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]]) ''332''
* [[General Dynamics]] ([[Falls Church, Virginia|Falls Church]]) ''87''
* [[KBR (company)|Kellogg Brown and Root Services]] ([[Arlington County, Virginia|Arlington]])
* [[Mars, Incorporated]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]])
* [[Navy Federal Credit Union]] ([[Vienna, Virginia|Vienna]])
* [[NII Holdings]]([[Reston, Virginia|Reston]])
* [[NVR|NVR Incorporated]] ([[Reston, Virginia|Reston]]) ''464''
* [[Orbital Sciences Corporation|Orbital Sciences]] ([[Dulles, Virginia|Dulles]])
* [[Rolls-Royce North America]] ([[Reston, Virginia|Reston]])
* [[Space Adventures]] ([[Vienna, Virginia|Vienna]])
* [[SLM Corporation]] ([[Reston, Virginia|Reston]]) "Sallie Mae" ''286''
* [[USA Today]] ([[McLean, Virginia|McLean]])
* [[Verizon Business]] ([[Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn]])
* [[Volkswagen Group of America]] ([[Herndon, Virginia|Herndon]])
{{main|Transportation in Washington, D.C.}}
[[Image:Dulles Airport Terminal.jpg|thumb|Dulles International]]
===Major airports===
*[[Washington Dulles International Airport]] ([[Chantilly, Virginia]]), the [[Busiest airports in the United States by international passenger traffic|busiest in the region]]
*[[Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport]] ([[Arlington County, Virginia]]), the closest to Washington
===Rail transit systems===
*[[Amtrak]] (DC, MD, VA, WV)
*[[Washington Metro]] (DC, MD, VA)
*[[MARC Train]] (DC, MD, WV)
*[[Virginia Railway Express]] (DC, VA)
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