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* Celtic lần đầu tiên vượt qua vòng đấu bảng từ khi giải đấu chuyển sang thể thức mới. Sau khi không có câu lạc bộ nào vượt qua vòng đấu bảng ở 13 mùa giải Champions League đầu tiên, [[Scotland]] có một đại diện vượt qua vòng bảng ở 3 giải liên tiếp: [[Rangers F.C.|Rangers]] ở [[UEFA Champions League 2005-06|mùa giải trước]], Celtic ở mùa giải này và [[UEFA Champions League 2007-08|mùa giải sau]].
* Milan giảm giá vé trong trạn cuối cùng vòng bảng gặp Lille xuống chỉ còn có 1 [[euro|€]] cho những cổ động viên đã mua vé cả mùa ở Serie A, để tránh sự thiếu vắng khán giả tại sân [[San Siro]] 80 000 chỗ.<ref>{{cite news |author=Kevin McCarra |title=England's plutocrats set the gold standard in Europe |url=,,1967222,00.html |publisher=Guardian Unlimited |date=[[2006-12-08]] |accessdate=2007-12-21 }}</ref> Milan đã vượt qua vòng bảng và có chín cầu thủ ở đội hình chính chấn thương, không tham dự trận đấu. Dù đã giảm giá vé đến mức tối đa nhưng chỉ có 27 067 cổ động viên đến sân tại trận đấu đó.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Match report |publisher=[[Gazzetta dello Sport]]}}</ref>
* Referee [[Mike Riley (referee)|Mike Riley]] broke the record for the most [[Penalty card#Yellow card|yellow cards]] in a single UEFA Champions League match this season which he officiated between [[Olympique Lyonnais|Lyon]] and [[A.S. Roma|Roma]] in the [[UEFA Champions League 2006-07 knockout stage#First knockout round|first knockout round]]. A total of 11 yellow cards (8 to Roma and 3 to Lyon) were issued in that game.<ref>{{cite web |url=,2442,132270,00.html?comp=CWC&year=2007&articleid=132270|title=Dull draw for Roma and Lyon | }}</ref>
* In the first knockout phase match between Lille and Manchester United, an excess of Manchester United fans were allowed to enter one of the stands, creating safety fears. Lille objected strongly to the only goal of the game, scored by [[Ryan Giggs]] with a quick free kick in the 83rd minute, while the Lille defence were unready. At the restart, Lille's manager made his players leave the pitch in protest, but the game was played to its conclusion. [[Gary Neville]] of Manchester United was later hit by a missile thrown from the home crowd. Lille unsuccessfully complained about United's goal to UEFA, and have now dropped their appeal about the incident. UEFA then charged Lille with the improper behaviour of their players.
* Following their match with [[F.C. Internazionale Milano|Internazionale]], Valencia players fought with Inter players. Inter's [[Nicolas Burdisso]] sustained a nasal fracture following a punch from Valencia's [[David Navarro (footballer)|David Navarro]] in the incidents which took place after the match.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Burdisso breaks nose in Valencia Brawl | }}</ref> Navarro has since then issued an apology to Burdisso, UEFA and his club for his actions.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=DAVID NAVARRO: “I apologise to the club, UEFA and Burdisso. I'm trying to find him to apologise and if I have to go to Italy and apologise personally, I'll do it”. |}}</ref> After looking into the matter, UEFA suspended Navarro for seven months, which includes domestic and international matches. Burdisso and Inter defender [[Maicon Douglas Sisenando|Maicon]] were each suspended for six matches, [[Carlos Marchena]] for four, [[Iván Córdoba]] for three matches and [[Julio Ricardo Cruz]] for two. Both clubs have also been handed a €155.772 ([[Swiss franc|CHF]]250.000/[[Pound sterling|£]]106.217) fine.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Navarro banned for seven months|}}</ref> Valencia advanced on the [[away goals rule]] following the scoreless draw. Navarro's ban was reduced from seven months to six on [[28 March]] [[2007]]. Marchena's ban was also reduced from four games to two, Córdoba's was reduced from three games to two and Maicon's was reduced from six games to three. Meanwhile, Burdisso and Cruz had their bans upheld.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=UEFA reduces Navarro suspension |publisher=BBC Sport }}</ref>
* [[A.S. Roma|Roma]] progressed to the quarter-finals of the European Cup for the first time since [[European Cup 1983-84|1984]] (where they went all the way to the final before losing on penalties to [[Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool]])
* [[Roy Makaay]] scored the fastest goal in the competition's history, hitting the back of the net just 10.03 seconds after the start of [[FC Bayern Munich|Bayern Munich]]'s second leg match at home to [[Real Madrid C.F.|Real Madrid]]. The [[Germany|Germans]] went on to win the leg 2–1 and the tie (4–4) on the [[away goals rule]] and won a place in the last eight.
* There is no country protection or protection for teams from the same group in the group stage from the quarter-finals onwards. Nevertheless, despite there being three [[England|English]] teams and two [[Italy|Italian]] teams, the draw did not result in any pair of English or Italian teams being drawn together. However, Liverpool and [[PSV Eindhoven]] were drawn together, after having been in the same group earlier in the tournament.
* The elimination of [[FC Barcelona|Barcelona]] by [[Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool]] means that no club has successfully defended their title in the Champions League era as yet.
* Manchester United's 7–1 victory over Roma at [[Old Trafford]] was the fourth highest-scoring Champions League match ever (excluding matches from preliminary and qualifying stages). It was also the biggest win in the quarter-finals of the European Champion Clubs' Cup since Real Madrid's wins in 1958 (8–0 against [[Sevilla FC|Sevilla]]) and in 1959 (7–1 against [[Wiener Sportclub]]). It was also the biggest win in the quarter-finals of any European major club competition since 1960 when [[Rangers F.C.|Rangers]] won 8–0 against [[Borussia Mönchengladbach]] in the [[UEFA Cup Winners' Cup|Cup Winners' Cup]] ([[Borussia Mönchengladbach]] beat [[1. FC Kaiserslautern]] 7–1 in the [[UEFA Cup 1972-73]] quarter-final). The result was also the biggest defeat of an Italian club in European competition since 1958 when [[Juventus F.C.|Juventus]] lost 0–7 to Wiener Sportclub in the Champions' Cup.
* Three out of the four teams in the semi-finals are from England. One country having three representatives in the semi-finals has occurred twice before — in 2000, when Spain was represented by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and in 2003, when Italy was represented by Juventus, Milan and Internazionale. However, unlike those prior two occurrences, two English teams were eliminated in the semi-finals, and the remaining team was beaten in the final.
* The progress of three English teams into the semi-finals together with [[A.C. Milan|Milan]] raised some interesting possibilities. One possibility was a repeat of the [[2005 UEFA Champions League Final|2005 final]] between [[Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool]] and Milan; another was the prospect of a Liverpool vs [[Manchester United F.C.|Manchester United]] final — two teams located only 50 km apart taking tens of thousands of fans across the continent, with a huge potential logistical problem as all would use the same two nearby airports; the problem is made more difficult by the [[Liverpool F.C. and Manchester United football rivalry|huge rivalry]] between the two clubs and the mutual loathing of their supporters (no player has transferred directly between them since 1964).<ref>{{cite news |title=Athens police prepare for all-English final |url= |publisher=ESPNsoccernet |date=[[2007-04-13]] |accessdate=2007-12-21 }}</ref> A final between [[Chelsea F.C.|Chelsea]] and [[A.C. Milan|Milan]] was expected to pit Chelsea striker [[Andriy Shevchenko]] against the club he left only nine months previously. There was the prospect of seeing [[Manchester United F.C.|Manchester United]] and [[Chelsea F.C.|Chelsea]] playing each other three times in a fortnight, in the FA Cup Final, a potential title-deciding Premier League match and the UEFA Champions League Final.
* As Milan won the competition this year, it became the first time a team has won the trophy twice in the same stadium since the beginning of the Champions League era, having also won the competition at the Olympic Stadium in Athens back in 1994. Liverpool have already achieved this feat in the pre-Champions League era, having won the European Cup in the [[Stadio Olimpico]], [[Rome]], in 1977 and 1984.
* Milan chose to wear their all-white strip for the final in Athens, despite being drawn as the "home" team for the match. This is due to the kit being their "maglia fortunata" (Italian: lucky kit), having won the European Cup/Champions League final in this kit on five out of the six times they have played it. However, they have lost finals in this kit once, most specifically against Liverpool in 2005. This decision by Milan meant that Liverpool played the final in their traditional home kit of red shirts, red shorts and red socks. Each of Liverpool's five European Cup titles have been won in their all-red strip, and two of these came when they were playing against Italian teams who played in all-white.<ref>{{cite news |title=All white for Milan in Athens |url= | |date=[[2007-05-04]] |accessdate=2007-12-21 }}</ref>
* Italian sides are now equal with Spanish sides in terms of Champions League victories, both with four wins each since 1993. However Italian teams have made more final appearances, with Serie A sides having played in ten Champions League finals. There have been Spanish teams present in seven, and English teams present in four.
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