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|pop1 = 10.280.000 <small>(2001 census)</small>
|ref1 = <ref>[] The main ethnic groups were Greeks 93.76%, Albanians 4.32%, Bulgarians 0.39%, Romanians 0.23%, Ukrainians 0.18%, Pakistani 0.14%, Russians 0.12%, Georgians 0.12%, Indians 0.09% and others 0.65%.</ref>
|region2 = {{flagcountry|UnitedHoa StatesKỳ}}
|pop2 = 1,390,439<ref>[ Toal ancestry reported United States Census Bureau 2009.]</ref>-3,000,000{{smallsup|a}} <small>(2009 est.)</small>
|ref2 = <ref>{{chú thích web|url=|title=Greece (08/09)|publisher=[[United States Department of State]]|date=August 2009|accessdate = ngày 1 tháng 11 năm 2009}}</ref>