Khác biệt giữa các bản “The Byrds”

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*Einarson, John, ''Mr. Tambourine Man: The Life and Legacy of the Byrds' Gene Clark'', Backbeat Books, 2005, {{ISBN|0-87930-793-5}}.
*Unterberger, Richie, ''Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60s Folk-Rock Revolution'', Backbeat Books, 2002, {{ISBN|0-87930-703-X}}.
*Unterberger, Richie, ''Eight Miles High: Folk-Rock's Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock'', Backbeat Books, 2003, {{ISBN|0-87930-743-9}}.
*Rogan, Johnny, ''The Byrds: Timeless Flight Revisited'', Rogan House, 1998, {{ISBN|0-9529540-1-X}}.
*Scoppa, Bud, ''The Byrds'', Scholastic Book Services, 1971.