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==Chú thích==
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==Mục lục tham khảo==
===Nguồn chính===
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===Nguồn phụ===
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==Đọc thêm==
* Albertoni, Margherita, et al. ''The Capitoline Museums: Guide''. Milan: Electa, 2006. For information on the Capitoline She-Wolf.
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==Liên kết ngoài==
{{thể loại Commons|Romulus and Remus}}
* Plutarch, ''[*.html the Life of Romulus]''
* Romulus and Remus (Romwalus and Reumwalus) and two wolves on the Franks Casket: [ Franks Casket, Helpers on the way to war]
*[ Romulous and Remus on the Ara Pacis Augustae]
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