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|title=Normal Blood Pressure Range Adults
|publisher=Health and Life
}}</ref> The mean BP, due to pumping by the heart and resistance to flow in blood vessels, decreases as the [[Circulatory system|circulating blood]] moves away from the [[heart]] through [[artery|arteries]]. Blood pressure drops most rapidly along the small arteries and [[arterioles]], and continues to decrease as the blood moves through the [[capillary|capillaries]] and back to the heart through [[vein]]s.<ref name='Klabunde2005p93-4'>{{citechú bookthích sách | last = Klabunde | first = Richard | authorlink = | title = Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts | publisher = Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | year = 2005 | location = | pages = 93–4 | url = | doi = | id = | isbn = 978-0781750301 }}</ref> Gravity, valves in veins, and pumping from contraction of skeletal muscles, are some other influences on BP at various places in the body.
The term ''blood pressure'' usually refers to the pressure measured at a person's [[arm|upper arm]]. It is measured on the inside of an [[elbow]] at the [[brachial artery]], which is the upper arm's major blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart. A person's BP is usually expressed in terms of the systolic pressure over diastolic pressure ([[Torr|mmHg]]), for example 140/90.
* [ British Hypertension Society: list of validated blood pressure monitors]
* [ Pulmonary Hypertension] Cleveland Clinic
* American Heart Association []
* [ Blood pressure monitoring]
* [ Control of Blood Pressure]
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