Khác biệt giữa các bản “Tiếng Konkan”

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|script = [[chữ Devanagari]] (chính thức),<ref>Devanagari has been promulgated as the official script.</ref> chữ cái Latinh,<ref>Roman script is not mandated as official script by law. However, an ordinance passed by the Government of Goa allows the use of Roman script for official communication.</ref> [[chữ Kannada]],<ref>The use of Kannada script is not mandated by any law or ordinance. However, in the state of Karnataka, Konkani can be taught using the Kannada script instead of the Devanagari scirpt.</ref> [[chữ Malayalam]] và [[chữ Ả Rập]]
|nation = {{flagicon|India}} [[Goa]], [[Ấn Độ]]
|agency = Various academies and the [[Government of Goa]]<ref name="official">{{citechú thích web|url=|format=PDF|title=The Goa Daman and Diu Official Language Act|publisher=Government of India|accessdate=2010-03-05}}</ref>
|map = [[Tập tin:Konkanispeakers.png|center|300px]]<center><small>Distribution of native Konkani speakers in India</center></small>
|notice = Indic

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