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Source: {{fl.}} 12345, {{fl.|12345}} or {{fl.|12345|lk=off}}

Result: h.đ. 12345, h.đ. 12345 or h.đ. 12345

This template generates an abbreviation for floruit ("fl."), linked by default.

ParametersSửa đổi

This template supports an optional (first, unnamed) parameter representing a year. For example, {{fl.|1956}} renders to give h.đ. 1956. This differs from {{fl.}} 1956 in that {{fl.|1956}} puts a non-breaking space in between the "fl." and the number, which prevents the web browsers from inserting a line break there.

Bản mẫu:Circa/doc/sortable

If the parameter lk (for link) is set to lk=off, then the abbreviation will be rendered as h.đ. (without a wikilink). Otherwise, the link is displayed. (This can be used to avoid overlinking when this template is used repeatedly in the body of an article.)

Potential future parameters could add articles to appropriate categories, e.g. Category:Year of birth missing.

RedirectsSửa đổi

{{Floruit}} can be replaced with the redirects:

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