Bản mẫu:Nút bấm PlayStation

(Đổi hướng từ Bản mẫu:Pskeypress)


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This template (and its more concise {{pskeypress}} shortcut, or {{gamepad key press}} genericized alias) can be used to indicate key presses on PlayStation-style controllers. It simulates the appearance of PS gamepad keys entirely in CSS, without having to resort to images, which the Manual of Style discourages for accessibility reasons.

Usage sửa

  • {{Nút bấm PlayStation|X}} gives ×
  • {{Nút bấm PlayStation|O}} gives
  • {{Nút bấm PlayStation|square}} gives
  • {{Nút bấm PlayStation|triangle}} gives

See also sửa

  • {{Key press}} – to depict key presses on a computer keyboard, including key combinations (e.g. Ctrl+x)
  • {{Key top}} – produces a similar visual effect, but includes more symbols and does not directly support key chaining (e.g. Bản mẫu:Key top)
  • {{Button}} – produces a similar visual effect but without the semantic markup (e.g. sample text); more for representing interface elements
  • {{Kbd}} – to indicate user input (of any kind) without making it look like keys or buttons (e.g. <sample>)