Khác biệt giữa các bản “Thành Phụng”

→‎Tham khảo: chú thích, replaced: {{cite book → {{chú thích sách (8), {{cite journal → {{chú thích tạp chí
n (dọn dẹp)
n (→‎Tham khảo: chú thích, replaced: {{cite book → {{chú thích sách (8), {{cite journal → {{chú thích tạp chí)
==Tham khảo==
*{{citechú bookthích sách|title= The Smaller Dragon: A Political History of Vietnam | authorlink=Joseph Buttinger| first= Joseph|last=Buttinger | publisher=[[Praeger]] |year=1958}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách|title= Southeast Asia: Its Historical Development| first= John F.|last=Cady | publisher=[[McGraw Hill]] |year=1964}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách|title= The last emperors of Vietnam: from Tu Duc to Bao Dai |first=Oscar |last=Chapuis |publisher=[[Greenwood Press]] | year=2000 |isbn=0-313-31170-6}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách|title= A History of South-east Asia| first= D. G. E.|last=Hall | publisher=[[Macmillan Publishers|Macmillan]] |year=1981 |isbn=0333241630}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách| title=Vietnam: A history| first=Stanley |last=Karnow |authorlink=Stanley Karnow| year=1997 |publisher=[[Penguin Books]] | isbn=0-670-84218-4|location=[[London]]}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách|title=Vietnamese anticolonialism, 1885–1925| first= David G. |last=Marr |year=1970 |publisher=[[University of California]] |location=[[Berkeley, California|Berkeley]]| isbn=0-520-01813-3}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách |first= Thanh Thi |last=Nguyen |title=The French conquest of Cochinchina, 1858–1862 | publisher=[[University Microfilms International]] |year=1992}}
*{{citechú journalthích tạp chí |last= Mantienne |first=Frédéric
|journal=[[Journal of Southeast Asian Studies]] |year=2003 |month=October |title=The Transfer of Western Military Technology to Vietnam in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries: The Case of the Nguyen |volume=34 |issue=3 |pages=pp. 519–534 |doi=10.1017/S0022463403000468}}
*{{citechú bookthích sách |first=Mark W. |last=McLeod | title=The Vietnamese response to French intervention, 1862–1874 |publisher=[[Praeger]] | year=1991 |isbn=0-275-93652-0}}
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