Bản mẫu:Db-deleted-multiple/doc

Code Template Description Sppt
G1 {{db-nonsense}} Patent nonsense Yes
G2 {{db-test}} Test pages Yes
G3 {{db-vandalism}} Vandalism Yes
G4 {{db-repost}} Previously deleted by consensus Yes
G5 {{db-banned}} Posts by banned user No
G6 {{db-maintenance}} Housekeeping No
G7 {{db-author}} Request by page author No
G8 {{db-g8}} Talk page of or redir to deleted page No
G9 -- Office actions No
G10 {{db-attack}} Attack page Yes
G11 {{db-spam}} Blatant promotion Yes
G12 {{db-copyvio}} Obvious copyright infringement Yes
G13 {{db-afc}} Abandoned Articles for creation submission Yes
G14 {{db-disambig}} Unnecessary disambiguation pages Yes
A1 {{db-nocontext}} Can't determine subject Yes
A2 {{db-foreign}} From another Wikipedia Yes
A3 {{db-nocontent}} Empty or no useful content Yes
A5 {{db-transwiki}} Already been transwikied Yes
A7 {{db-a7}} No claim of significance Yes
A9 {{db-album}} Album with no claim of significance Yes
A10 {{db-same}} Duplicates an existing article Yes
A11 {{db-madeup}} Obviously invented Yes
F1 {{db-redundantimage}} Duplicates an existing image Yes
F2 {{db-noimage}} Corrupt or empty image Yes
F3 {{db-noncom}} Media with unacceptable license Yes
F4 {{db-unksource}} Media with unknown source No
F5 {{db-f5}} Non-free license not used in articles No
F6 {{db-norat}} Fair use rationale needed No
F7 {{db-badfairuse}} Inappropriate fair use Yes
F8 {{db-nowcommons}} Moved to commons No
F9 {{db-filecopyvio}} Image copyright infringement Yes
F10 {{db-badfiletype}} Unused media of unsupported type Yes
F11 {{db-nopermission}} Missing evidence of permission No
C1 {{db-catempty}} Empty category Yes
C2 {{cfr-speedy}} Renaming/merging of category No
U1 {{db-userreq}} Requested by user No
U2 {{db-nouser}} Non-existent user No
U3 {{db-gallery}} User non-free image gallery Yes
U5 {{db-notwebhost}} WP:NOTWEBHOST violation Yes
R2 {{db-rediruser}} Cross-namespace redirect Yes
R3 {{db-redirtypo}} Implausible redirect Yes
R4 {{db-redircom}} File redirect hiding Commons image Yes
P1 {{db-p1}} Would be speedyable if an article Yes
P2 {{db-emptyportal}} Portal with too few articles Yes

This template is used to notify users that a page has been speedily deleted under more than one of the speedy deletion criteria. The criteria supported by the template can be seen in the table on the right. Only codes with "Yes" in the Sppt column are supported.

UsageSửa đổi

This template is substituted on the user talk page of the user who created the page that has been deleted. In the first unnamed parameter, put the name of the page that was deleted, and in subsequent unnamed parameters, put the names of the speedy deletion criteria that it was deleted under.


{{subst:db-deleted-multiple|Page title|G11|G12|etc.}}

ParametersSửa đổi

Required parameters
  • The first unnamed parameter is required. This is the title of the page that has been deleted.
  • If one of the parameters listed is "A10", then an |article= parameter is also required. This is the name of the article that the deleted page was duplicating. (See section A10 of the criteria for speedy deletion.)
Optional parameters
  • All of the speedy deletion criteria are optional. If no criteria are specified, the template outputs a generic notice.
    • The template accepts up to ten speedy deletion criteria (unnamed parameters 2-11).
  • url:- If one of the speedy deletion criteria is G12 or F9, the source URL of the copyright violation can be added using |url=url of copyright violation.
  • source:- If one of the speedy deletion criteria is A2, the name of the source article can be added using |source=xx:article name. "xx" is the language code or interwiki code of the project on which the article exists, and "article name" is the name as it exists on that project. Please do not enclose the name with square brackets [[ ]] - if you use square brackets, the template will not display properly.
  • nowelcome:- By default this template will leave a {{First article}} welcome message if the talk page is a red link, i.e. if the user being warned is a new user. If |nowelcome=yes is specified, no welcome message will be generated.
  • nothanks:- If a {{First article}} welcome message is generated, by default it includes the text "thank you for your contributions". If |nothanks=yes is specified, this text will be omitted.
    • If G10 is specified as one of the unnamed parameters, this is set to "yes" by default.
  • wizard:- If |wizard=yes is specified, a message box giving advice on creating articles is included.
    • The default behaviour is to include the message box if any of the unnamed parameters correspond to the following criteria: G1, G2, G4, G11, G12, A1, A2, A3, A5, A7, A9, or A10. However, the message box will not be shown by default if either G3 or G10 are specified.
  • willprovide:- Sometimes the template will include a sentence indicating that the user may request undeletion at WP:RFUD. You can choose to include this sentence by specifying |willprovide=yes, or to omit it with |willprovide=no.
    • The default behaviour is to omit the sentence if any of the following criteria are present: G1, G3, G10, G12, F1, F2, F7, F9, F10, C1, U3, R2, R3, P1, or P2.