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The simplest use is to place {{wikibreak}} on your user and/or user talk pages and the above will be displayed, but with your user name in place of "Wikibreak".

To change only the message, use {{wikibreak|message=YourMessage}}, where YourMessage is the message you wish to use instead of the default above. Putting {{wikibreak|message=I will be on holiday}} will produce...

It is possible to adjust the size and change the type of image for your Wikibreak template. Note that to change the file name you should not add "File:". {{wikibreak|message=I will be on holiday.|image=Clipart island.svg|imagesize=75px}}

For more options, see below.

Cú pháp sửa

Any and all parameters optional.

| [Name]
| back      =
| type      =
| message   =
| align     =
| image     =
| noimage   =
| imagesize =
| spacetype =
Parameter Description Example and default
Name Your username or nickname. {{wikibreak | Joe | ...}}
type Type of break:
  1. exams (changes image and message)
  2. attempting (changes message)
  3. long (changes message)
  4. wikibreak, normal, short (the default message)
{{wikibreak | type=long | ...}}
Default: #default
back Replaces "soon" in the default message. Deprecated. {{wikibreak | back=in January | ...}}
Default: soon
message Your own message rather than the default. {{wikibreak | message=Joe is elsewhere for now, but will check his talk page now and then. | ...}}
Default: "Name is taking a short wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia soon."
align The alignment of the message. Options are "left" and "center". {{wikibreak | message=Joe is elsewhere for now, but will check his talk page now and then. | align=left |...}}
Default: left
image Filename of the image you wish to appear
beside the message (omitting "Image:" prefix).
{{wikibreak ...| image=MyImage.jpg | ...}}
Default: Sunset at Huntington Beach.jpg
noimage To display the template without a picture. {{wikibreak ...| noimage= | ...}}
Default: unused
spacetype Type of box:

tmbox (makes it appear like a tmbox)

{{wikibreak | spacetype=tmbox | ...}}
Default: mbox
imagesize Size of the image. {{wikibreak ...| imagesize=100px | ...}}
Default: 75px

If you feel that you can't stay away for your entire wikibreak, add the following to your user page: {{Wikibreak break}}

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